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Browse and enjoy our careful selection of black diamond watches. We've done the hard work and sifted through buyer reviews to bring you the jewelry with the highest "5 star ratings"! Click the images for more info, sizes available and to buy (fulfillment by

Black diamond is a gemstone that has only recently come to popularity. It lends a modern, sleek, sophisticated look to the jewelry it adorns. Black diamond is said by some to be even harder than the regular "white" diamond that was once considered the hardest of all substances. However, the jury is out on the hardness of black diamond - truly the stone of many mysteries.

The most expensive black diamond watch we found was the Franck Muller - listed at a hair-raising $44,249.99. As with their white diamond counterparts, many black diamond watches are high in price. However there are some to be found in the hundreds as well as the thousands, and we have listed a few here.

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