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Flower Growing and Flowers in Popular Culture

Flowers continue to be an important part of culture, as they are used for everything from weddings to home table decorations to gifts and much more. Many people also find home flower gardening to be a rewarding hobby, and they study the anatomy of flowers, the roles of insects as pollinators, and other important topics in order to grow the most beautiful flowers possible. Understanding the roles of flowers in popular culture and how to grow a beautiful garden has never been easier. Research is available at one's fingertips, making it possible for any interested person to grow a lovely garden.

Butterfly, Lepidoptera, and Entomology Sites

This extensive list of links will help interested readers find out more about butterflies and how they help pollinate flowers that are used in flower delivery.

Insect Sites

Learn all about insects and their value by visiting the sites listed on this page.

All About Butterflies

Many people do not know the critical role of butterflies in the propagation of flowers when they have bouquets delivered. This resource page is a helpful guide to butterflies and their importance.

Backyard Bugs

There are all sorts of bugs in the backyard, and this page is a good guide to what people might find in their yards.

More Than Flower Delivery Recipients: Hippies on the Web

Consult this page to learn more about the culture of the hippies, also known as "flower children."

The Other Alliance

Here is a good resource on war protests involving "flower children" during the 1960s on the part of both West German and U.S. students.

Motherhood, Insight, Life, and Fitness

This blog is one woman's story of her journey to a motherhood filled with insight and fitness.

Options for Bouquets Delivered to Others: Roses

Gain insight into roses, some of the most popular flowers used in flower delivery, by clicking on this link.

Pocono Flower Delivery

There are many flower delivery options in the Poconos, including national flower delivery services, as this page indicates.

The Bachelorette Viewing Party Essentials

Having a viewing party for this popular reality show? This site provides ideas to make the party even more fun and exciting.

Germinating Tree Seeds

This is a guide to germinating tree seeds that features tips that can also be applied to germinating seeds for flowers that will be used for flower delivery.

School Starts Early for Josh

One father's story of the first day of school for his son can be found on this page, and it may inspire readers to consider having bouquets delivered when their children start school.

Flower Place: Bouquets Delivered

Want to send flowers? This handy page has a small listing of companies that specialize in flower delivery.

Flower Delivery Cheap

Read one man's brief story of his attempt to find an inexpensive way to deliver flowers to his mother.

Rose-Themed Celebration of Life Service: Flower Delivery Suggestions

Roses can be an ideal choice for flowers at a memorial service, and this page explains the different rose colors and the meanings they convey on such an occasion.

Four Old-School Ways of Being Romantic, Including Having Bouquets Delivered

Gentlemen will find four tried-and-true ways of showing romance when they visit this page of romantic ideas.

Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Your Girl

Trying to do something special for your girl in addition to traditional flower delivery? This site gives ideas for how to impress your wife or girlfriend.

The Gifting Suite That Gives Back

Here is a fun article about one of the many "celebrity gifting experiences."

Favorite Sites: Cooking, Learning, and Flower Delivery

The wide variety of links on this page includes some good flower delivery options.

Positioning Your Flower Delivery Business for Future Success

Those who want to go into business to have bouquets delivered should consult this helpful page.

Florida Plants Guide

Those who have had bouquets delivered from Florida can use this page to identify the flowers they have received.

Flowers on Her Radar: Saved by Flower Delivery

Having bouquets delivered to her mother-in-law has saved this woman on more than one occasion. This page details her story.

Choosing and Using Edible Flowers

A unique gift would be to have bouquets delivered that include edible flowers. This guide page can help buyers choose the best edible flowers as gifts.

The Glass Flowers

Harvard University has a unique collection of glass flowers prepared by glass artisans, and this page gives information on this art.

Planning My Garden

Even if they never plan on growing plants for flower delivery, this page will help kids and adults alike plan out a beautiful flower garden.

Digital Flowers

This page is a comprehensive guide to several of the most common families of flowers found in nature.

University of Notre Dame Flower Shop

The Irish Gardens at the University of Notre Dame have this helpful guide to flower delivery services.

Flowers and Flower Gardening

The University of Minnesota has put together this page that features a lot of helpful information on flowers and flower gardening.

Flower Delivery: Flower-Growing Guides

Whether or not gardeners want to deliver the flowers they grow at home, this page from Cornell University will help them get started growing the flowers they love.

Plant Structures: Flowers

Learn all about the structures of flowers with this guide from Colorado State University.

Utah State University: Flowers

This is another great guide to various flowers, and it comes from Utah State University.

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

Residents of the western United States may find this flower guide particularly helpful if they want more information on flowers that come in the bouquets delivered to their homes or offices.

Cut Flower Production for Flower Delivery

Here is a helpful overview of growing cut flowers and other floral gift options.

Flowers Research Group

This is the homepage for the Flowers Research Group at Lehigh University.

Professor Rebecca Flowers

Learn about a leading professor in tectonics and geochronology by visiting this site.

Flowering Plant Reproduction

Floral reproduction is necessary to sustain crops that can be used in the bouquets delivered to buyers. This page is a good guide to floral reproduction.

Woodie C. Flowers

This page is a good overview of a leading professor from MIT.

Kentucky Garden Flowers

Visit this page to learn about various flowers from Kentucky, several of which may appear in bouquets delivered to friends and family.

The Remarkable Avocado Flower

Avocado Flowers are unique, as this page explains to interested readers.

Floral Designers Labor Outlook

This guide from the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the short-term and long-term career outlook for floral designers who help with flower delivery, parties, and other applications.

Michael Flowers

Michael Flowers is an urban science fellow at the Center for Urban Science Progress at New York University.

Commencement Flowers

Flower delivery can be a great option for gift-giving when it comes to rewarding graduates. This page is a guide to delivering commencement flowers to university graduates.

Flower Garden for Wildlife

Interested in how a flower garden may support wildlife and provide a source for bouquets delivered to friends and family? This page is a good basic guide.

Christopher Flowers, MD

This is a good biographical page on a key doctor from the Winship Cancer Institute.

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